Count on ConstruDeco - Innovation in PVC Windows and Doors
Los mejores y más emblemáticos proyectos en Honduras se han elaborado con ventanas y puertas de PVC de Construdeco.

After-Sales Service

Our customers have at their disposal an After-Sales Service Department that includes maintenance, repairs, and spare parts, among other services, which ensures the original quality of our products.
In addition, through the After-Sales Service Department, our customers have access to the professional advice from highly trained technicians that support the repairs in the shortest time, at the lowest maintenance cost, with the quality and assurance of the market leader. To obtain further information of the After-Sales Service you can contact your Sales Technical Advisor or ConstruDeco’s After-Sales at (+504) 2269-4433.


It is recommended that, at least once a year, all PVC windows and doors are subject to preventive maintenance to ensure proper operation and long life. For this reason, our After-Sales Service Department offers maintenance service that includes cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of your windows and doors.
Our Technical Sales Advisor is available to assist and inform you of our After-Sales Service. Contact us at (+504) 2269-4433.

Repair Services

All of our projects that have an After-Sales Service contract qualify for free on-site assistance. The Technical Sales Advisor who originally assisted you is at your disposal to let you know if you qualify for this free service or to inform you of other repair services available. Contact us at (+504) 2269-4433.

Parts and Accessories

Through After-Sales Service Department we offer our customers an important inventory of decorative and functional components, parts, lubrication and cleaners for the ConstruDeco’s QUALITÄT® windows and doors. Ask for parts and accessories directly from your Sales Technical Advisor or from our office at (+504) 2269-4433.


Any client who has developed a project with ConstruDeco’s windows and doors enjoys a security that certifies the quality and performance of their units.

Extended Warranty

There are After-Sales packages that allow you to extend the warranty coverage after expiry for the profiles and hardware. Ask our Technical Sales Advisors about the different packages available to you. Contact us at (+504) 2269-4433.