Cuente con ConstruDeco - Innovación en Puertas y Ventanas de PVC
Los mejores y más emblemáticos proyectos en Honduras se han elaborado con ventanas y puertas de PVC de Construdeco.


We perceive the world around us through QUALITÄT® European PVC windows and doors. These elements are the link between construction and the environment—an invitation to look outwards. Not only do they let light into your home, but they also fill it with air and life. ConstruDeco’s QUALITÄT® windows and doors give the home body and contrast. They define space and volume, give different impressions and create a particular atmosphere. ConstruDeco’s QUALITÄT® windows and doors also serve as architectural interfaces; therefore, they play a vital role in integrating landscape into the design of buildings. Influenced by ancient architectural traditions, ConstruDeco’s QUALITÄT® windows and doors now account for an optical transition that marks the border between architecture and nature.


Our QUALITÄT® European PVC windows and doors have been proven to provide functionality, elegance and comfort within various construction trades. Our products are ideal for residences, hotels, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, government and public buildings. Our windows and doors are the best investment in new construction and the perfect solution in renovations. Our satisfied customers are our greatest pride. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our products as well.


  1. Energy-saving
    Our QUALITÄT® windows and doors in combination with excellent thermal performance glasses can save you up to 75% savings in energy in comparison to traditional windows and doors.

  2. Farewell, Noise
    You can say farewell to noise pollution in your home or building thanks to the high levels of acoustic insulation of our QUALITÄT® windows and doors.

  3. Durability
    Our QUALITÄT® windows and doors are an excellent investment, as they will immediately add value to your property, and do not create an additional expense in incremental upkeep.

  4. Fire Proof
    Contrary to wooden windows, our profiles do not maintain combustion, and in fact are self-extinguishing. This quality impedes fire propagation and gives you and your family superior safety and peace of mind.

  5. Variety in Colors and Designs
    Our products can satisfy any taste in style and/or shape.

  6. Security
    Our QUALITÄT® profiles, together with our hardware and special glass, and along with an installation carried out by our experts, make your windows and doors provide additional protection.

  7. Airtight
    Our QUALITÄT® windows and doors are the most airtight in the market; the only thing that will get through these windows and doors is comfort!

  8. Environmental Advantages
    The materials used in our QUALITÄT® windows and doors are environmentally sound, since they can be recycled completely and are eco-friendly as they do not contain contaminating materials. Because of their airtight quality, they reduce the amount of resources used for heating and cooling in homes.

  9. After-Sales Services.
    Our QUALITÄT® windows and doors come with a warranty and ConstruDeco's After-Sales Services, which is dedicated exclusively to the maintenance and checkups of your windows and doors, when you are ready for it.

your family deserves the best


Our QUALITÄT® windows and doors, manufactured with European profiles, offer our customers the best solutions in opening and closing systems. We can therefore offer a wide range of profiles, each with characteristics of both manufacturing and applications to suit the most discerning tastes and styles. We welcome you to take a look.

QUALITÄT® Platinum series
The main characteristics of the QUALITÄT® Platinum Series casement windows and doors, is that they are manufactured with 5 chamber, 70 mm wide profiles which create excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The system offers exceptional acoustic performance, impermeability and resistance, as well as a high degree of safety as it meets EN 12608, class A standards.

With its characteristics of soft and rounded lines, the QUATITÄT® Platinum Series provides an aesthetically pleasing and modern appearance which can be used with either single or double pane glass.


6000 QUALITÄT® 6000 Series
The QUALITÄT® 6000 Series casement windows and doors is one of the most recent additions to our range of products. QUALITÄT® 6000 Series windows and doors are manufactured with 4 chamber, 60 mm wide profiles, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

QUALITÄT® 6000 Series has dual seals, internal and external system, which ensures excellent levels of water and air tightness. QUALITÄT® 6000 Series achieves superior performance under all weather conditions.

With a combined height of 110 mm for both frame and sash, the QUALITÄT® 6000 Series is less visible in all window sizes, thus facilitating the creation of spaces with more sunlight and a broader vision of the environment.

QUALITÄT® 7700 Series
The QUALITÄT® 7700 Series sliding windows and doors are manufactured with profiles that have been designed specifically to facilitate the closing of medium and large areas using windows and doors with sliding sashes. QUALITÄT® 7700 Series allows the use of double, triple or quadruple sashes in such enclosures. QUALITAT® 7700 Series have a system of special rails to help the sashes move horizontally with great ease.

9500 QUALITÄT® 9500 Series
QUALITÄT® 9500 Series sliding windows and doors are systems that provide a wide vision and can be opened in combinations of one or two sashes in single, double or triple sections. They glide in the direction of the horizontal axis, minimizing the loss of space in the room. Its high impermeability and air characteristics have been especially considered using brushes and special seals which also provided excellent insulation and comfort.


The types of openings are varied and the possibilities to suit the most demanding styles are endless. Following is a presentation of the types of opening for our QUALITÄT® windows and doors.

Tilt-Turn – The most versatile of the windows and doors that allows great flexibility and adaptation to the different requirements of lighting and ventilation. The high quality of hardware used in these types of doors or windows allows a dual option of opening through the handle drive: casement or tilt-swing, allowing you greater comfort and a better and controlled ventilation of the interior.

ventana oscilobatiente

Casement – The casement system (use of hinges) for both windows and doors is the best known of all thanks to its widespread use and versatility in all types of projects. This system allows for better ventilation, lighting and more elegant fasciae, for more comfortable locations.

ventana practicable

Tilt-Swing – – The tilt system enables the opening of the window at the top (hinges or the lower door hinges), allowing a constant circulation of air flow even during periods of mild or moderate rainfall.

ventana abatible

Awning – The awning window is an additional variant of opening that allows ventilation form the inside and side part of the window for projects that require it. The opening is made by stainless steel hinges or steel-bars located on the upper flanks of the window.

Sliding – The sliding systems allows you to open the window or door without using space, and can position their sashes depending on their needs, without them being displaced by effect of the wind or air currents . The displacement of its sashes is with high quality bearings for a smooth and even sliding along his metal axes. Reinforced profiles for both frames and sashes allow slider configurations of 2, 3 or 4 sashes. As well as tandem opening with parallel displacement of multiple sashes in one direction.

ventana corredera

Folding – This window and door option allows the complete or partial opening of the system. The mechanism of "booklet" or "accordion" of the moveable sashes allows free the opening surface that you desired depending on the number and configuration of sashes that are available. The step is not hindered by fixed glasses, or by beams or posts. You can choose a configuration in 3, 4, 5, or 6 sashes.

ventana plegable


Color is a daily constant element in our lives that is also reflected in traditional, as well as modern, architecture. Our profiles provide a response to these demands by incorporating color in the profiles through the process of lacquering or foliation. Because of these processes solid colors or imitations of different types of wood can be incorporated into our windows. You can choose the color only on one side, outside or inside, or on both sides of the profile.

Here we show a sampling of the colors you can choose from. We invite you to visit our showrooms to see our full sample of colors and imitation woods.



We offer a number of accessories that protect and make your windows and doors even more functional and beautiful. Our systems allow us to customize windows and choose the accessories to suit the most discerning clientele. We offer swing shutters, roller shutters of manual or remote opening, blinds, black-outs and mosquito screens of all types: fixed, sliding or rolling.

Roller Shutters System
Our roller shutters are produced to satisfy the aesthetic, thermal and/or functional integrity of your project, have been designed to adapt easily to the doors and windows of buildings of all kinds. The Roller Shutters System, including mosquito screens, offers a complete solution that guarantees thermal insulation and security. Shutter and roller mosquito screens can be manually controlled by a belt pull, or electric and remote controlled systems can be incorporated at the request of the customer. Roller Shutters Systems are installed in conjunction with the window and door within the opening provided in the project design, and the displacement of the shutter slats is on the outside of the window or door.

Roller Shutters
mosquitero Mosquito Screens
Mosquito screens are the most practical way to protect your home against all kinds of insects. We offer fixed, sliding or rolling designs in vertical or horizontal screens. In the case of rolling screens their easy rolling actions allow them to be put away, protected from dust, and used whenever necessary. There are different designs and installation options, so we invite you to come to our showrooms to choose the one that best suits your needs. Our mosquito screens will allow you and your family to enjoy you home free of all types of insects.